Could Even Be Your Buddy

Could Even Be Your Buddy

Jo Robinson

I read a thing where a scientist monitored the brains of professional writers and non-professional writers while they were writing. Non-pros brains appeared to be visualising what they wrote, and the pucker scribbers brains appeared to be narrating what they wrote. I have absolutely no clue what that means, but it just goes to show. Anyway.

Whether I’m writing or editing, if I get disturbed for long enough and a couple of days goes by without me getting on with what I’m doing, I can’t just carry on from where I left off. I have to backtrack and go over notes before I can get going again. If I have enough interruptions, and lately there have been many, I’ll sometimes work on one of my newer WIPs instead – my books for 2015 and beyond – rather than go to all that trouble only to have some new thing arrive…

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