I Don’t Wanna!

I Don’t Wanna!

Crazy, Beautiful Life!


Sometimes I want to take a time machine back to when I was two or three and it was acceptable, even expected, that I would throw a temper tantrum or two.  I want to stomp my feet, ball up my hands into little fists, pound them into the air all while screaming “I don’t wanna”!

There are too many days I don’t want to take it slow; to choose my activities wisely, knowing that I can’t do it all!  I am such a driven, motivated individual and being stuck in a body that won’t cooperate just doesn’t work for me dammit!  Why can’t I get myself all dolled up to go see one of my favorite Broadway Shows with my girlfriend and not have spent all my energy before I even got to picking her up?  Why can’t I spend a day at the office and come home to do…

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