My Weekly Writing Challenge

My Weekly Writing Challenge
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I had some very interesting, intriguing and exciting interpretations of my opening line challenge: ‘She wished she hadn’t opened the letter’. Read them below and enjoy.

Yesterday my market of the week was for a daily flash fiction competition, which invites stories of between 20-100 words. So to get you in the mood to enter, my new weekly writing challenge is for a flash fiction story. No entry is to be below 20 words and no entry higher than 100 words. I look forward to reading them.

Here are last week’s entries:

Keith Channing sent in this story, which sadly could be true:

She wished she hadn’t opened the letter.

It wasn’t addressed to her and she should simply have marked it “not known at this address” and popped it back into the post. But she didn’t. She opened it.

If you asked her why, she would have said something…

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