Chartering New Territory, aka Happy Brain – Day 7

Chartering New Territory, aka Happy Brain – Day 7

Crazy, Beautiful Life!


It’s been almost 1 year since I had to go Gluten Free, and while it wasn’t easy, I have noticed many changes in my health. Unfortunately, it does not appear that my body is done making me enter new, uncharted waters.  I think the fact that I have removed gluten from my diet has revealed other dietary allergies…or maybe I’m just cursed! 😉

OK, I don’t really think I’m cursed, but there have been other issues rearing its ugly head over the last several months…the increased inflammation throughout my body, the digestive issues, the increase in the burning sensation throughout my body, and sadly, it appears to be getting worse.  After more tests, blood work and conversations with my different doctors, it appears an elimination diet is in order to figure out what is triggering these issues.  Hopefully the last panel of blood work will also help point us in a…

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