Cheated!! Is it so?

Cheated!! Is it so?

Finding and Expressing Myself

May be the title is not appropriate so I feel a need to first elaborate the subject of this post. I want to share my realizations and the answers to the three basic questions that haunts a cheat/fraud victim.

1. “Why am I being cheated by my partner!?”

2. “Why didn’t I suspect about it earlier!?”

3. “How do I treat the one who has cheated me?”

So what actually happened? I was being cheated for almost five years among the six years I had spent with my partner…Yes, Five Years!! That’s laughable I know. I too laugh at myself for not being able to find about it any sooner. Initially, when I found about it 9 months back I reacted violently and after that, I spent months as a lonely depressed being. I even hit the rock bottom of depression and started seeing suicide as a viable option. But…

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