Moon Over Alcatraz

Moon Over Alcatraz

Sheri Lawrence de Grom

Moon Over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange
Musa Publishing/2012
  Reviewed By: Sheri de Grom

I clicked the pages with hunger as I read Moon Over Alcatraz, the work of debut author Patricia Yager Delagrange. Just when I thought I’d find a good place to stop, she’d drop a hook sentence and I had to keep reading.

Moon Over Alcatraz is the first e-book I’ve reviewed. My only drawback in reading electronically is that I read too fast and often miss subtle nuances that can make a novel a first-rate read, when it would be wondrous if I’d slow down and take the time to reread well-crafted sentences.

When reading a book I’m reviewing, I have a highlighter in hand and make comments to myself in the margins. It’s too much trouble to do that while reading an e-book. On the other hand, I don’t want to…

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4 thoughts on “Moon Over Alcatraz

  1. I am astounded and flattered that you would re-blog this post about my book! I hardly know what to say. Thank you so much for your kindness.
    Sheri has told me about your playing piano and I listened last night to the one you dedicated to her and Tom. It was beautiful. I live in California as well, in the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved the the song you posted a couple of days ago. It’s just glorious. Thank you for sharing your talent with the piano.

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