The Most Beautiful Feeling

The Most Beautiful Feeling

Lorrie Bowden

2014-05-26 15.03.08

It’s quiet

It’s light and beautiful

I feel so at peace

Drifting on a cloud

Off into space


No worries

No thoughts

Just feeling

I feel my heart beating

The center of my being

The organ which gives life force

The force of love

I am healed

Every muscle in my body is supple

Supplied air with blood that caresses and heals

They move easily and fluidly

Dancing on the air

Every joint is an intersection of hope and faith

And they move unrestricted through the beautiful life that is presented before me

I am grateful for this understanding

I give my heart and my soul

To the energy that shows me the way

To the center of my intuitive mind

The place where there are no questions – only answers

And light beautiful music plays

And the energy is positive and uplifting

And I come to center


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