I Think My Head Might EXPLODE!




Lorrie Bowden

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It can’t move

it is all stuck

the energy that once was flowing from an open heart

has become



I can’t breathe

It hurts

my mind is confused and my body is tired

I try to remember what it felt like to thrive in love

to let the light of God flow through my veins

but my head feels like it is going to


the pressure cooker

I need to release

my head has tripled in size

I know the answer comes from my heart

what is there?

what is missing?

what is going on?

I’ve been working so hard

and I’m tired

I know that my body is trying to show me something

for there is always an emotional reason

for any physical illness

I know my energy has been impacted

my mood not so…


And then a light bulb goes off

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