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    1. Tina Blackledge – About the Author The Author, Tina Blackledge, wears many hats both professionally and non-professionally. Born in 1970 she has witnessed the birth of the home computer and it’s journey to becoming the global phenom that it is today. She has overcome a plethora of obstacles to reach her goals and continues to strive for those she has yet to attain. Tina has holds a B.S. degree in history and secondary education from Geneva College and a M.S. degree in General Human Services with a self-concentrated study in child abuse and violent sexual predators from Capella University. She has been a High School Social studies teacher, a Mobile therapist, Behavioral Specialist, Outpatient therapist, Non-profit coordinator, Non-profit group and individual therapist, and Public Speaker. Tina now spends her time as writer and blogger. She loves the outdoors, animals, painting, great movies, and curling up with a hot cup of tea and a book worthy of the ages. She currently lives in a modest Johnstown, PA home with her two dogs.
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      These photos are exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing them!

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