We sat by the light of the orange moon, that night
We stared at the eyes of twinkled stars so bright,
Then we fell into the thought of catching falling stars
As the night caught the gentle beat of both our hearts.
We stared at the moon in the sweet, silent sky,
Looking for a face that we could recognize
We saw the eyes on the moon, we saw the smile.
Our hearts connected to the love from way up high,
Then the moon trickled light to meet our needing eyes,
Came flowing now as roots from dark and silent skies,
Connected to our hands and feet as tiny lines,
We felt the truth of moon’s beam that amazing night.
The moment gone, moon drifts away from sight,
The night hides away as morning lights
And there on the ground we wake to find
A star twinkling, fallen from the skies.
This truth can’t be felt from other’s eyes
But we hold that truth forever of our night.
Some things must be experienced to know,
No matter what belief we speak and show.
These moments live as stories to the crowd,
The tale is told by those who speak out loud,
But all of us have moments where we feel
The magic of this dream that is so real.
I hope one day you look to skies above
And feel those stars connected to your love.
I hope you feel the pull and that you too
Touch the truth from your rivers of the moon.

3 thoughts on “MOON’S RIVER

  1. Carolyn Crossley VixenOfVerse – I am a poet, writer and would-be podcaster. My poetry and stories have appeared in various anthologies, including Purrfect Poems, Shadows & The Short of It, Vol.1 - The Sound of Brilliance. I have 5 poems in The Short of It, Vol 2 which will be published in 2023. I am a long time member of Oldham Writing Cafe. I recently joined Oldham's Tuneless Choir for the sheer joy of singing! I enjoy reading, writing & witchcraft. I love cats and horses. I live with my 2 cats, Rio and Miss Molly.
    Carolyn Crossley VixenOfVerse says:

    What a beautiful poem, so full of layers of feelings. ❤🙂❌

  2. Baydreamer - Lauren Scott – United States – Welcome to my space where I share my poetry, short memoirs, and anything else that comes to mind. My husband and I have been married for thirty-three years, and not only do we still love each other, but we still like each other too. We have two adult children and I'm grateful that we're still a close family. Our furry family member is Copper, our 80-lb chocolate lab mix, and he sheds and drools a lot, but we love him just the same. I have published two collections of poetry: New Day, New Dreams and Finding a Balance. And my latest book that was published in September of 2021 is a memoir in verse and prose. When you visit, my wish is that you find something to take with you, but that you also find something enticing enough to keep bringing you back. I truly appreciate your visit. Love, Lauren
    Baydreamer - Lauren Scott says:

    So beautiful!

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