Mihran Kalaydjian hotel operations strategist

Mihran Kalaydjian is a skilled hotel operations strategist with a proven track record of driving revenues and delivering healthy profit margins. Mr. Kalaydjian has been called by some a ‘marketing genius’. Mihran is a 20 year veteran of the hospitality industry and is a well-respected executive in the field. He specializes in turnaround of under-performing operations, implementing purchasing and inventory control systems that lower operating costs, establishment of policies that recruit, develop and retain employees, and reducing labor costs through structured training programs and efficient staff deployment. Mihran Kalaydjian provides visionary leadership and management oversight of the sales, marketing and revenue strategies for Classic Hotels & Resorts. His Vision is to be the leading hospitality management company dedicated to peace of mind and success for all. Mihran’s hospitality career spans over 14 years of Operations, Sales and Marketing experience with Marriott International. Some of his past assignments include: Director of Sales & Marketing at Marriott Jordan; spent 5 years in various leadership roles with IHG and 600+ rooms located in close proximity to Seattle, Washington for Red Lion Hotels. He has participated in land assessments and market research for new hotels and was operationally responsible for their successful opening. Mihran is an energetic leader whose love of a challenge drives her ability to restore struggling hotels to profitability – for which her properties have garnered top honors including Marriott International’s prestigious Platinum and Blue Diamond Awards and Property of the Year “A good brand is one that makes a real difference in the lives of those it touches. Our guests, employees and business partners tell us that is exactly what the Four Seasons brand name represents for them. Our job is to make sure it continues to have this kind of meaning for years to come.”

Mihran Kalaydjian thinks that a great brand is not simply a product of smart marketing. “Consumers relate to those brands they understand, and that understand them. A brand promise is the delivery of what an organization truly believes in,” He says.

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    1. mihrankalaydjianblog – San Diego, CA – Mihran Kalaydjian On a personal note, I love the outdoors, comedy, bbq, reading and traveling. I worked in the beer industry in college so I love talking about good beer. I used to be a competitive runner so (like all runners) if you make the mistake of asking me, I'll tell you about my entire career and PRs. I also spent my youth working in restaurants, so if you've done the same, we can swap stories. The five items I can't live without: Everything, infinity, wanton boredom, limitless limits, change. Mihran Kalaydjian, A proven ability to articulate a company's brand culture as well as key strategic initiatives and delivery of desired results. Outstanding leadership, communications and project management skills. A committed individual with strong organizational skills that believes leading by example is key to building a strong team to achieve high guest satisfaction results and cost control measures. Mihran Kalaydjian provides visionary leadership and management oversight of the sales, marketing and revenue strategies for Classic Hotels and Resorts. Mihran Kalaydjian suggest: Your energy should be focused on finding a solution, quickly and effectively. I am at my best when I have a tight deadline, but every aspect of the project is planned, organized and working in excellence.
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