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  1. BroadBlogs – I have a Ph.D. from UCLA in sociology (emphasis: gender, social psych). I currently teach sociology and women's studies at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. I have also lectured at San Jose State. And I have blogged for Feminispire, Ms. Magazine, The Good Men Project and Daily Kos. Also been picked up by The Alternet.
    BroadBlogs says:

    I’m glad you got it up and running. How exciting!

  2. Tina Blackledge – About the Author The Author, Tina Blackledge, wears many hats both professionally and non-professionally. Born in 1970 she has witnessed the birth of the home computer and it’s journey to becoming the global phenom that it is today. She has overcome a plethora of obstacles to reach her goals and continues to strive for those she has yet to attain. Tina has holds a B.S. degree in history and secondary education from Geneva College and a M.S. degree in General Human Services with a self-concentrated study in child abuse and violent sexual predators from Capella University. She has been a High School Social studies teacher, a Mobile therapist, Behavioral Specialist, Outpatient therapist, Non-profit coordinator, Non-profit group and individual therapist, and Public Speaker. Tina now spends her time as writer and blogger. She loves the outdoors, animals, painting, great movies, and curling up with a hot cup of tea and a book worthy of the ages. She currently lives in a modest Johnstown, PA home with her two dogs.
    Tina Blackledge says:

    This is wonderful Mihran! I am so glad that your music is going to reach so many more people who will be greatly blessed by it. Blessings upon you and your band as you tread this new path.

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