I belong to invisible

I belong
to invisible
to forgotten
I belong
in conversations
in love letters
in poems
I belong
in sunsets
in moonlight
under the stars
I belong
in sighs
in lips
in your arms
I belong
in love

2 thoughts on “I belong to invisible

  1. Baydreamer - Lauren Scott – United States – Welcome to my space where I share my poetry, short memoirs, and anything else that comes to mind. My husband and I have been married for thirty-three years, and not only do we still love each other, but we still like each other too. We have two adult children and I'm grateful that we're still a close family. Our furry family member is Copper, our 80-lb chocolate lab mix, and he sheds and drools a lot, but we love him just the same. I have published two collections of poetry: New Day, New Dreams and Finding a Balance. And my latest book that was published in September of 2021 is a memoir in verse and prose. When you visit, my wish is that you find something to take with you, but that you also find something enticing enough to keep bringing you back. I truly appreciate your visit. Love, Lauren
    Baydreamer - Lauren Scott says:


  2. johncoyote – Michigan – A old Poet who enjoy reading and writing poetry. I tried to show people a better way than war and violence. We must seek peace for the sake of all children in our world.
    johncoyote says:

    Hello Mihran. I loved your work today. The photos and the words. so wonderful. I hope you and the family doing well and having some fun.

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