Justin Bieber could have Ended up Like Paul Walker

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By Mihran Kalaydjian, CHA

Justin Bieber could have Ended up Like Paul Walker

Justin Bieber poses for his FIRST EVER police mug shot after being arrested for DRAG-RACING in a supercar following a drink and drugs bender.

He spent the day in custody after being busted in Miami Beach, police have confirmed.

Go back seven years and the 19-year-old was a complete dork, with a terrible fashion sense, even worse hair but a huge future in music.

It’s unfortunate that testicles drop and voices break because since growing up he’s been on a free-fall of popularity.

In recent months, he’s been cleared by cops for hit-and-run incidents, accused of speeding and caught on camera peeing into a restaurant’s mop bucket,

Add to this allegations of spitting on his own fans and reportedly being caught smoking weed, here’s what happened to the teenager since 1994.


When Justin was born on March 1st 1994, Mariah Carey was number one with her tune Without You. We wouldn’t judge if you stopped reading for a moment to go and relive this song on Spotify.


His manager Scooter Braun spotted him on YouTube six years ago and tracked down Justin’s mum – or mom in this instance – Pattie to ask about signing him to his record label co-founded with Usher.

It’s amazing that anyone can spend longer than four minutes on the video website before watching clips of animals being absolutely hilarious, so the record executive deserves a hat tip for his commitment to find a star.

December, 2008

Just a year after he became a signed artist, Justin performed at the White House – you might have heard of it, it’s where big Prez Obama works from home.

We can just imagine Barack and Michelle making cocktails and taking turns to sing lines of Baby.


He released his first full-length studio album My World 2.0 and soon after he accounted for 3% of the traffic on Twitter. That’s more traffic than the M25 in rush-hour.

He was also tipped as more influential than Barack Obama and The Dalai Lama by digital website Klout.

February, 2011

The tiny star was always sweet and smiling when speaking to fans and media but he sparked controversy following an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where he gave his views on abortion and abstinence.

March, 2011

But hold on, who’s this lovely lady?            

Justin, 16 at the time, started dating Disney Queen Selena Gomez, who was 18, and immediately everyone assumed they would be doing IT but no – far from it.

It just so happened that Selena’s favourite bling was a purity ring.

However after a few months of holding hands and possibly some over-bra topping action (try not to picture it too vividly) the ring came off! Gasp.  

November, 2011

But the biggest shock of all came when Justin was slapped in the face (not literally, that would be really uncalled for) with a paternity test from a woman who he claims to have never met.


Justin was given a pack of crayons and some blank paper to write his autobiography.

And in his book (which is mostly pictures) he explains his relationship with the people who chase him around the Hollywood hills: “There’s a misconception that I hate the paparazzi – I don’t, I simply don’t like the aggressive paparazzi.

May, 2012

In the same month he SENSATIONALLY admitted to ” having a beer”  despite being under the legal drinking age, Justin got into an altercation with tabloid snapper when he left a cinema with Selena.

It was the start of Justin’s negative public reactions, public breakdowns and in one case offending the public.

July, 2012

Justin lacked social awareness and was apparently being a bit sweary on a flight.

A mother-of-two reportedly was forced to ask him to “stop yelling curse words and using that kind of language on a plane.”

Still July…

Justin was accused of driving over speeds of 80mph during an incident where he called 911 to complain about chasing paparazzi.

October, 2012

Well, that’s what you get for drinking lots of milk, Justin! He was performing on stage when he was actually sick in front of thousands of fans.

November, 2012

In this time he lost his title as Most Viewed on YouTube to viral dance crazy Gangnam Style.

January, 2013

The year started with some serious news when sadly his fame – and the paparazzi obsession with him – led to a tragic accident.

Still January…

Well, well, well. Mr. Bieber. You’ve been a naughty boy.

Completely unaware that he was being snapped on a mobile phone, Justin was caught smoking a suspicious looking roll-up cigarette.

February, 2013

He told chat show host Jimmy Fallon about his constant run ins with the law: “You know what, the police really like to pull me over. I don’t do anything, I promise.”

March 1st

He was ironically burning the birthday candles at both ends on his 19th.

It was reported that the swanky London club he hosted the party – Cirque du Soir – refused his mates Jaden Smith (of Will Smith spawn fame) and his latest accessory Ella-Paige Roberts Clark for being underage.

There was also talk that the venue stank of marijuana which led to staff evicting the party members.

March 4th

Fans booed their hero after he turned up nearly TWO HOURS late on stage in London – on a school night.

March 5th

The tiny popstar was branded “arrogant git” after he made  young girls wait THREE HOURS in the cold for a meet and greet on Monday – but then barely acknowledging them.

March 8th

Justin was rushed to hospital after suffering breathing difficulties on stage at London’s O2 Arena.

The singer was initially treated by doctors backstage for up to 15 minutes before returning to finish the show.


Swedish cops ‘found drugs and a stun-gun’ on board Justin’s tour bus.

Police spokesman Lars Byström says officers were suspicious over a “strong smell of marijuana” coming from the vehicle outside the Grand Hotel in Stockholm on Wednesday night.


Biebs  was the victim of a sophisticated Ocean’s Eleven style robbery while performing in South Africa.

July 10th

A video of Justin and his friends has been posted on US website TMZ – and it shows the Biebs being too celebrity to use the loo like a real person.

July 11th

Justin was reportedly removed from a Chicago nightclub after police were tipped off alcohol was being served to underage revelers.

July 18th

A police report has been filed against Justin Bieber by a DJ who claims the singer spat at him in a nightclub.

July 29th

A bus connected with Justin Bieber’s tour was reportedly stopped by police on Sunday night after it was suspected marijuana and drug paraphernalia was on board.

July 31st

The Singer was accused of hitting a paparazzi photographer in June while driving in the city of Los Angeles.

October 3rd

After a quiet September, it seems like things are on the up for Justin after a string of charges for his bad behaviour are cleared.

The singer allegedly threatened to kill and spat at his neighbour in March, after the resident confronted him for driving recklessly around his gated community.

October 14th

 Who were we kidding? He’s dragged into fresh controversy after apparently having a heated row with a DJ who refused to take the singer’s hip-hop music requests..

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