My Road to Honesty

My Road to Honesty

Strawberry Fields

Yes, sometimes I lie. Sometimes I hide my feelings ans thoughts. Sometimes I have to make a living out of lying and pretending I’m someone else. We’re all humans after all, we’ve been raised on lies and we’ve been lying ever since we started communicating.

Over the last few years, I decided to treasure honesty more than any other value I know. I started to look at honesty as part of discovering and meditating the self. I still lie to people and still hide my inner self and the outer self to everyone. I wear make up from time to time, I wear scarves and leaves to hide my scars, I even wear shades to hide my tears.

I decided to start being honest with myself and the rest follows (will eventually follow).Every time I have a serious conversation with myself, I say the whole truth, I talk about my…

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The Same Place



I kiss you

with a mouth

of river hurricane

the fiddle she gave you

crushed by my wild waves .

you took her

to this same place

the crown of Lake Superior

her wedding veil


you did not see

deception in her curls

destroying you .

I am not another

with her eyes blind

I wonder do you

hear my accordion

the one I don’t

even know how to play .


You took me

to another same place

your heart cuts wonder

into my breath

the sigh of

your names together

carved like burning

tatoos into Cedar towns

storage barn


my words to silence

my dress of purple moaning

falls from the

branches of my shoulder

snapped by her sly scent

of flowers when crushed

that reside in wounds

you cannot hide .


the gods descent

watch me fall apart

walk on , walk on

I wonder do…

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The Very Essence of a Man

Lyrics, Sentiments and Me

The Very Essence of a Man

The very essence of a man,
is to build
and keep a roof
over his
and his family’s heads-
with all his might;
and, with all his strength.

And to have
in his arms:

. . . a woman,
is respectful enough
to follow his lead
into a world
of their own.

. . . a woman,
is trusting enough
to hold his hand
until their bodies repose.

. . . a woman,
is faithful enough
to believe him,
when he says,
“You are my home!”


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TO MY PRINCESS –  I Will Not Die

Stay or go
I cant stand it anymore.
You must know – me or her.
You are wavering and that hurts.

I will not die when you leave me,
I will not cry you can believe me.
Night after night I am waiting for you,
Night after night I am longing for you –
For your touch, for your love.

Stay or go
You need us both, I know.
Shes your wife, thats true,
But Im not made to share my love with her.

I will not die when you leave me,
I will not cry you can believe me.
Night after night I am waiting for you,
Night after night I am longing for you –
For your touch, for

Beautiful Destinations on a Budget

Beautiful Destinations on a Budget – Must Read this!!


Being a free spirit, traveling to new places is one of my favourite things. When ever i get the opportunity to travel , i’m up for it. For me travel isn’t just about pleasure and frolic but also about exploration and learning. I’ve traversed extensively throughout my country (India) and have had some marvelous experiences that will stay with me for life. Today, i’d like to introduce you to some magnificent but lesser known places from my own home state – Himachal Pradesh. These destinations include – Kasol , Manali, Rohtang La, Spiti, and Kinnaur  Not only are all these places spell binding but also nominal to visit. In fact they are some of the most traveler friendly locations in terms of budget. One can either visit these places one at a time or visit all of them in the same trip, since they all lie on the same route.

Before i…

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I won’t wish you a Ramadan Karim

such wonderful and powerful presentation…Bravo Arwa..such a talent…

Strawberry Fields

Every year I decide to write a post about Ramadan: either to wish my friends a Ramadan Karim, or just to criticize Ramadan. But each year I find no words to justify my thoughts and I keep postponing the task. It’s the middle of Ramadan now and here is what I have to say: There are few things you should know about me. One, I’m not a racist (Or as I like to believe I am not). Two, I hate religions. Three, I hate the religion of Islam in particular. And four, I always try to justify my opinion. And I mostly know that I might lose a lot of followers after posting this. When it comes to religions, I need to say that growing up in the Middle East in a Jewish country, among a majority of Muslims people who keep more traditions as time passes by, all that made…

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