About Mihran Kalaydjian, Chairman and Founder

Mihran Kalaydjian and MK Hospitality Consulting Firm has a history of serving the interest of hotel owners and creditors in the most challenging environments. The hotel strategies and initiatives used in difficult times are not learned in the rapid growth environments. Experience gained in past down cycles can be used to materially enhance an at risk portfolio. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm has a track record of experience in troubled times and has the capacity to enhance the performance of private equity hospitality platforms.

Mihran Kalaydjian is also adept in taking full advantage of market opportunities presented by a recovering, low new supply environment. Mihran Kalaydjianis experienced in discerning between mere discounted assets and good value. Investors have different risk profiles and return expectations. These factors must be addressed to match the right acquisition with the right buyer. These are today’s circumstances that require uniquely effective communication with both financial investors and operating management.

Mihran Kalaydjian has a particular expertise in the negotiation of key clause within management agreements and similar contractual documents and long experience in expert determination of contractual disputes.

Areas of Expertise:

Strategic development and direction at international, national, corporate and unit level.

Market analysis and investment appraisal.

Business valuation.

Contract and lease review/negotiation.

Quality Service, Quality Policy and related delivery systems.

Litigation support, experienced in the provision of expert opinion and expert testimony Design, implementation and review of accounting control and management information systems.

Principal Mihran Kalaydjian typically immerses himself in the client’s challenge or opportunity. He leads the company’s existing team to results that interface the best financial strategies with hotel portfolio results.

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