The Truth

The Truth

After The Party

prayer2I wanted to share with you a something I wrote weeks before I got clean, not because I think it is so great, but because it sums up perfectly the sense of desperation I experienced in my “before” life. I am so glad that I have written things like this, so that when I grow forgetful, as I tend to, there are reminders everywhere to help me see the light. I think it is remarkable that I am where I am, again, intact, thriving, happy. I am not proud of the things I admit to here, but they are the truth for me- or were. I can’t help but think my prayers were answered. I hope these words find the people who need them most, so that they know they are not alone, and that there is ALWAYS hope. Enjoy:

prayer (1)

Today, just a little bit ago, I was coding a…

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The Climb

The Climb

Resonner's Blog


I wanted to see the world,
From a place, where it couldn’t see me.
I wanted to show the world,
A face, that it would long to be.

I walked on.
The slope was with me,
The hope was with me.
The road ahead, I could clearly see.

Slopes followed my stride,
Sun became my guide.

Air in my hair,
Wind in my wings.
I walked and strode,
Waves of luck I rode.

There stopped the thrill.
I found,
I had climbed down the hill!

The world could see me,
But didn’t want to,
I wanted to run away,
But didn’t know where to.


I started again-
Dejection. Despair. Pain.

The sun burnt my face,
Winds pushed me back,
The slopes tortured me,
I could hardly walk.


I fought on,
Pebbles holed my feet.
Luck eluded me,
But I couldn’t accept defeat.

I wriggled. I crawled,
And stopped-

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News You Really Need To See: “East Ukraine’s Uneasy Quiet Raises Questions of Who’s Running the Insurgency”

News You Really Need To See: “East Ukraine’s Uneasy Quiet Raises Questions of Who’s Running the Insurgency”

Not What You Might Think

“East Ukraine’s Uneasy Quiet Raises Questions of Who’s Running the Insurgency”

The Associated Press, May 30, 2014

The scruffy rebels who normally wander about the headquarters of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic were mostly out of view on Friday, replaced by a disciplined new faction who showed up a day earlier with an armored personnel carrier and anti-aircraft gun.  The separatists’ so-called prime minister said nothing has changed — but something has clearly shifted in Ukraine’s troubled east.  The balance of power in the region has teetered wildly this week.  After Ukrainians elected Petro Poroshenko as the country’s president and Russia said it would respect the vote, hopes rose for a resolution to the conflict between the central government and the insurgents who want Donetsk to be part of Russia.  But a day later, the rebels launched an exceptionally bold assault, seizing Donetsk’s airport.  Ukraine’s military responded with previously…

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A Bit Upside Down

A Bit Upside Down

Jo Robinson

Even though I joke about my lateness around the interweb, there are a couple of things that I’m never late for. In fact, believe it or not, I really not partial to people being late for anything when they can avoid it. I’m never late for appointments or social dates, and I’m never late doing something that I’m being paid to do on time. So. On Thursday the lights went out. I wasn’t particularly worried, because these things happen sometimes. Fast forward through a dark and chilly Thursday night, to yesterday afternoon when the electricity people finally came out to sort out the burnt out box thing on the sidewalk, and I was indeed a day late sending through an article I wrote. Not cool, but fortunately they were lovely and understanding, and didn’t bite my head off.

When I started researching my Ghost Writer series I found out quite…

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The Breathtaking Buda Castle District

The Breathtaking Buda Castle District


Budapest is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.
The capital is know for its museums, galleries, the large Parliament building, the Chain Bridge, thermal baths, the first underground railway in Europe, the Heroes’ Square, the Gellért Hill and the Buda Castle.
It is one of my favorite cities and as a Hungarian native, I always enjoy visiting this amazing city.

If I should pick my favorite place in Budapest, it would be definitely the Castle District.
You will have the most breathtaking view over the Danube, the Chain Bridge, the Parliament and the Pest side of the city.

The Buda Castle District is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has so much to offer.
The Buda Castle District has plenty must-see attractions: cobblestone streets, Baroque houses, Gothic arches, the Trinity Square (Szentháromság tér), the Fishermen’s Bastion (Halászbástya), the Matthias Church (Mátyás templom), the Royal…

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Crazy Saturday – Let me bring a smile in to your morning

Crazy Saturday – Let me bring a smile in to your morning

Eclectic odds n sods

Let’s face it we all could do with a bit of a giggle on a Saturday right?  Or any morning come to think of it, but at least on a Saturday one normally gets time to digest it.  

It is with that in mind I bring you some fun each Saturday morning in the form of a picture/humour that appeals to my sense of humour.

Let’s hope it does to yours 🙂

Being British this really appealed to me, did it you?

I used to ride in Great Windsor Park and saw the Queen drive a few time through the park.  

One time the car went through and we had no idea who it was, and it was actually speeding and scaring the horses.  

So our escort cantered over and stopped the car, the window wound down and woohoo it was the Queen LOL.  

Our escort…

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Breakfast in Bimini- Chapter 12 segment

Breakfast in Bimini- Chapter 12 segment

Sierramichaels's Blog

Below is and unedited excerpt from the current book I’m working on, which should be complete by the end of summer.  It’s sometimes difficult to read parts of novels and really understand the story and for the writer it’s hard to post unedited drafts.  But I’m going for it!  I try to pick neutral paragraphs without much background needed or plot revealed. Next time I’ll have another travel story.  I hope you enjoy and as always I welcome feedback and thoughts.

Breakfast in Bimini.

Smoke filled my lungs in the middle of the night and for a fleeting moment I thought I was dreaming. I shook Luke simultaneously pushing out the screen and yelling, “Fire.” In an instant impromptu swoosh I bolted through the screened-in window, seamlessly landing on the wooden dock. I unplugged the boat power cord from the electrical box and upon returning to the cabin, I opened all the doors and windows while…

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