Mihran Kalaydjian And His Element Band My Childhood Remembered

Mihran Kalaydjian And His Element Band My Childhood Remembered

Mihran Kalaydjian And His Element Band My Childhood Remembered

Honor Guest: Violinist: Charlie Bisharat

Mino Element Band Members

Aram Kasabian – Lead Guitar
Sevan Manoukian – Drummer
Hratch Panossian – Bass
Samer Khoury – Violin
Tony Amer – Saxophone
Haim Cohen – KeyBoard
Albert Panikian – Trumpet
Nicole Del Sol – Percussion
Dana Debos – Trombone


Childlike Faith In Childhood’s End
Existence is a stage on which we pass, a
sleep-walk trick for mind and heart:
it’s hopeless, I know,
but onward I must go
and try to make a start
at seeing something more than day-to-day
survival chased by final death.

If I believed this the sum
of the life to which we’ve come
I wouldn’t waste my breath.
Somehow, there must be more.
There was a time when more was felt than
known, but now, entrenched inside my sett,
in light more mundane, thought rattles
round my brain; we live, we die… and yet?

In the beginning there was order and
destiny but now that path has reached the
border and on our knees is no way to face
the future, whatever it be.
Though the forces which hold us in place
last through eons in unruffled grace
we, too, wear the face of creation

As anti-matter sucks and pulses
periodically the bud unfolds, the bloom
is dead, all space is living history.

It seems as though time must betray us,
yet we’re alive and though I see no God to save us still we
survive through the centuries of progress
which don’t get us very far.

And though dark is the highway
and the peak’s distance breaks my heart,
for I never shall see it, still I play my part,
believing that what waits for us is the
cosmos compared to the dust of the

in the death of mere humans life shall

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Please Welcome Internationally Distinguished Pianist, Mihran Kalaydjian

Please Welcome Internationally Distinguished Pianist, Mihran Kalaydjian

From the Pen of Mae Clair

I have a special guest on my blog today, pianist Mihran Kalaydjian. I’ve been following “Mino’s” blog for some time, astounded by the beauty of his compositions and performances. He recently did an interview with his manager, Amanda Baruch, which I’m delighted to share with you today. Please welcome Amanda and Mino for this special interview. And be sure to check out Mino’s links at the bottom. His performances are inspirational!


Concert pianist, Mihran KalaydjianMihran Kalaydjian “Mino “is a special breed and I mean that in the most complimentary sense of the phrase. He has it all – the whole package of artistic gifts – and in abundance. But, what strikes me about his playing is the sheer beauty – the concept, the intelligence, the control over every sound, the vision, the phenomenal listening to it all – all the attributes that comprise great artistry of the sort that touches…

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