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Sales blogs provide great information.  There are sales blogs you should be following.  With thousands and thousands of blogs about sales out there, it’s tough to know which ones are the ones worth reading.  Between the news, LinkedIn, Twitter, and email, most people are inundated with content like: “the top 100 ways to reach the decision-maker in the first call”, “the 20 reasons why email is better than cold calling when prospecting”, and “the 30 things you should do before the end of each work day”.  Everyone has their own idea of how you should be spending your time.

The Sales Blogs I’ve chosen to include in this list are the ones that have consistently provided great content over the past 10 months.  They are regularly updated, provide a specific point of view, and give actionable advice on specific challenges we face as salespeople.  I’ve included the Twitter handle for the blog’s author, as the majority of them pr

The 18 Sales Blogs You Should Be Following

1. Sales Productivity Blog


2. The Sales Blog


3. Partners in Excellence


4. Dan Waldschmidt


5. A Sales Guy


6. Your Sales Playbook


7. Switch and Shift

@TedCoine & @Shawmu

8. Matt on Marketing


9. Fearless Selling


10. Millennial CEO


11. Score More Sales


12. Fresh Sales Strategies


13. Selling Fearlessly


14. The Sales Hunter


15. Sales Training Connection


16. Fill the Funnel


17. Top Sales Dog


18. Sales & Marketing Effectiveness


ovide content from sites they find helpful there as well.