False Desires

It is always the false that makes you suffer
the false desires
and fears
the false values
and ideas
the false relationships between people…
Give up the false !
and you are free from pain…
Truth makes one happy
Truth sets one free…
Nice day to you all 😊
One Love


Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Melody of Tango in Ebony


Melody: Tango in Ebony Classic
Music Arrangements: Allen San & Edward Khoury
Pianist: Mihran Kalaydjian ” Mino”
Record Labels: Paramount Studios
In white Spanish lace,
ebony black hair tumbling
down her back to her tiny waist.

Across the hardwoods,
we danced the Spanish

Into the night,
we danced check to
check and toe to toe.

The moment was ours,
on that warm summer night.
Toasts of red Spanish wine
to a night so divine.

But it was a love,
we both knew could never be.
Then time took me back across the sea.

The years have quickly passed
and our lives sailed by so fast.

But those moments, cheek to cheek
and toe to toe forever will be
ours, so sublime.

And here in my heart, I often
contemplate that far off place
in time.

I can still see your picturesque silhouette
dancing gracefully under that Spanish moon.
And I will forever remember that magic night,
we met and that fast beat tango tune.

You will always possess a part of my heart,
as long as we are so very far apart.


Spanish Heart

Oh we all have gypsy blood within our veins
And I can’t stay too long at the same place.
So I laughed it life to tie me down
And I’m the searching kind that must get round.
I have been to every corner of the world
Found the passion of many different girls
I enjoyed a sight of Paris in the spring
was a begger but I’ve always felt a king
When I hear the cold wind calling my name,
It’s the time that must I go
Though it hurts we have to part
Cause my
life’s a traveling show and I’ve got a spanish heart
we all got a master plan that guides us.
We all have a heart that leads the way
We all have our dreams memories of yesterday
It’s the time that I must go Though it hurts we have to part
Cause my
life’s a traveling show and I’ve got a spanish heart