Messig Tchouldjian – International Singer Known for h Charismatic Performance and Powerful Voice

By Mihran Kalaydjian, CHA

Consultant, Strategist, and Writer

Messig Tchouldjian is a major role player in my musical cultivation. He is integral to keeping Los Angeles and the greater Armenian Diaspora entertained for over two decades. He is also a champion for the Armenian cause, keeping the ideology of a true Armenian Hero alive within his songs.


In our household, Messig’s rhythm-filled music provided a soundtrack to my early life. Normally my father would play the vinyl records of a handful of Armenian artists. Manuel, Paul Baghdadlian, Harout Pamboukjian, Adiss Harmandian, along with a few unknown others, filled the house with music. Music plays a big role in my life to this day. Armenian music is where I got my musical roots from. I started playing piano when I was three years old, and by age fourteen I was already playing two instruments, including the guitar, and the drums. At last count, I play three today.


Just as long as I have been studying and playing music, the music of Messig Tchouldjian offers a unique blend of western musical influences, most notably the pounding drums of our early drummer, Hrair Aprahamian, and the classical Armenian tones played on instruments more common to rock bands than Armenian orchestras. This was a unique sound for its time.

He is known for his unique and powerful voice; Messig Tchouldjian is even more loved for his down-to-earth and fun-loving personality. He interacts very comfortably with guests of the resort and often churns out tune after tune for them while they enjoy their meals. The various song selections from Messig Tchouldjian add just the right Charismatic Performance flavor and are enough to satiate the guests’ musical palates, guaranteeing them the time of their lives while they dine.

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Like the sun rays falling on the sea horizon and making it gold… music fell upon Vishnu in his childhood itself – Messig Tchouldjian An outstanding vocalist who has the most bewitching and captivating voice that is guaranteed to give you goose bumps.

Messig Tchouldjian gave what I can only describe as one of the finest performances I’ve ever witnessed on stage. His  was no mere act; He had fully become the character of Elle and I found myself completely drawn into his claustrophobic world.

If you ever get the chance, go and see his coming perform live – you will come away knowing that for a short time, you indeed went to a better place.”