Bastets Pixelventures – Reflections!

Bastets Pixelventures – Reflections!

Eclectic odds n sods

This week Bastets Pixelventures are to take pictures of reflections.

I had a great reflection photo I already put in a post just before so was slapping my head thinking “I am never going to get anything else”.

However, I just went on a walk with my eldest, it was on my mind and I took this photo of a black shiny car with odd flower stickers on, you can see our feet as a ‘reflection’ on the side.


I was using my iPhone so not the greatest, I must admit that I was not completely happy with the subject matter, quality nor uniqueness….so…..

Later on our walk we decided to hang over the side of the bridge, remember playing ‘poo sticks’?

You would get a twig each, throw over one side of the bridge, rush to the other to see whose came through first.  The road here however…

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