Why I’m Wary of the Glycemic Index

Why I’m Wary of the Glycemic Index

New Creations Ministries

thEN89HMNTThe Glycemic Index was created in 1980 by the world-famous professor and physician, Dr. David J. Jenkins.  This graph apparently shows how long it takes carbohydrates to break down into sugar.  His good intentions and clinical research has assisted many diabetics in regulating their blood sugar challenges.

But there was always something that made me uneasy about endorsing his findings and recommending this to my patients. I had too many questions. Why were all rice, cereals and breads lumped into one category? How could a nutrient-dense potato be as detrimental as a pastry with none? Raisin Bran is certainly better than Cornflakes and I don’t consider whole grain bread on par with enriched white. Nevertheless, unless the results have been ratified into more defined categories over the years, they were considered  on the same level.

This fact wouldn’t actually make me more at ease because man’s ideas have always changed over time, but my God Never Changes. God’s Knowledge trumps man’s knowledge every time. I trust God.  Each…

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