Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Love Me Sheri Bessi

Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Love Me Sheri Bessi



Melody: Love Me ” Sheri Bessi”
Lyrics: Edward Khoury & Elias Bandak
Music Arrangements: Edward Khoury
Pianist: Mihran Kalaydjian ” Mino”
Record Labels: Paramount Studios
Location: Coronado Island, San Diego
Love Me Sheri Bessi

When I am with you, I am giddy, youthful, like
savoring expensive dark chocolate; I’m satisfied.
Smiling from ear to ear just looking at you.
There’s never a dull moment with you; exciting.

When you speak, your gorgeous voice sounds like
music, causing chills to literally go up and
down my spine, moments to treasure captured
in a locket draping me forever.

A pearl inside the shell, such a rarity,
we were destined to be, I love you, you love me.
If there’s a clash there’s no crash, we ride,
joy splashes across our lives; magically.

When you caress me, I’m secure; a cashmere
blanket, I wear it with diamond sprinkles
twinkling in my eyes, crystal stilettos adorn
my feet as I dance the waves to the rhythm of you.

Speaking of eyes, I see visions of ecstasy,
dreams of harmony, whimsical sea horses bowing
down to lift us, as we ride this exhilarating
wave of love, the big one; surfing on it.

Sparkling sea waters glistening like sapphire as
an approval while we surf in and out of time,
we ride, we ride, a love ’til we die, we ride
this exhilarating wave of love divine.


Sheri Bass


55 thoughts on “Mihran Kalaydjian Playing Love Me Sheri Bessi

    1. Thank you Jacqui for your beautiful words – There are several places in Coronado Island or Del Mar has a great layout and the structure.

  1. Your music is beautiful as it always is but I do not think the over sexualized videos compliment your music. The previous videos that suggested sensuality and mystery were in perfect tune with your divine music. Although the artwork presented in this video is beautiful in and of itself, I feel that your music deserves a better platform.

    1. Tina – Thank you for your comment – I had to ask my Music Director as an expert to provide her reply to you Music has a theme, and each time the melody has a story to tell. Whether it could me romantic, or sad. I play and direct the music, lyrics and the melody. My Record Production do the completion and the production.

  2. Truly beautiful and I am deeply thankful for this song you have dedicated to me. Thank you for consistently supporting my work here on WordPress. You are such a talented man with a very beautiful family.

    I’m from San Diego and spent my summers on Coronado Beach. What part of Coronado did you record this in?

    Truly I thank you again dear friend. Peace and gentleness be yours today.


      1. I am deeply thank you for your warm compliments, this means a lot – I am glad we all met here. May God Bless you and brings you success. I look forward to visiting your page and like!

  3. Beautiful Mihran…very welle played and it’s a veri nice composition. As always, your band’s music just bring me to another world! Keep en playing my friend….big hugs, Delvi.

    1. Thank you Delvi – This means a lot to me. I cherish your comments. You never know, we will be soon playing in Canada. I will have the honor to invite you!

    1. Sally – I just saw this now, I was recording at the studio. I myself don’t know how to compliment you and gratitude for all you do. Thank you!

      1. Dear Sally – this is so powerful compliment, thank you – I just finish recording a duet with my sister in Turkish and my music producer is finishing the clip.

    1. Good Afternoon Jalal – Please allow me to thank you, I appreciate it. Secondly, do you reside in the states? If so, I have the honor to invite you to one of my concerts, I am sure to enjoy to listen to Rahbani brothers and Fairouz. I look forward to hearing from you;

      May God Bless you;

      1. Hi Mihrank , thank you for your friendly reply. Yes l live in California -Los Angeles area .l appreciate your kind invitation. Sincerely jalal

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