Mihran & Hasmik signing Duet Nostalgia Melody

You all enjoy the melody of Nostalgia and Natalie song…Singing duet with Hasmik from Boston was a wonderful surprise. Hope you all will enjoy the remix and duet. I miss the good old days, here are no words to express this song!!


Nostalgia, we’re just like one another

You’re gentle and so am I

Nostalgia, I think about her

I call to her in the night


She lived over there

In the land of the cold

Where the untamed wind

Gives me a look


It snowed in the winter

It rained in the blue

She was lovely, nostalgia

Nostalgia, we’re just like one another


It’s December on your lands

Nostalgia, you play the gypsy

On the range of forgetting

She wanted to…


To burn her life up

Under a real spring

She was twenty years old

She went out to the sea


Towards a clearer sky

Leaving me in the grey, nostalgia


A winter love

The backwards sky

It was madness, nostalgia

Sometimes on the sea

When the night is clear

Her name comes back to me

Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia…


Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino” Introducing his sister – where r u going Song

Mihran Kalaydjian “Mino” Introducing his sister – where r u going Song


The Lyrics for this song:

where r u going

shed in tears
I wanna just cry
I pull a long face
we need to speak
my eyes is full of tears and now empty
I am like a baby not feeded with milk

r u asking that how r u
how do u know, maybe i am not fine tonight
before u don’t understand ,don’t listen me
before I don’t say my last word
where r u going

maybe I am lying on beds
my feelings r apart
I live my every night every day
you and me, as though u were with me
they asked what about me, I told somebody
if only I didn’t tell