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I would like to appreciate all those who like my page Piano Melodies Page.  Again much appreciated, all the best to you all!  I’d like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for joining my fanpage. It means so much to me.

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    1. Matilda, How neat was your post about liking old men! Hope I qualify at 67. All you relate & reflect on is so true. What you leave sort of unsaid is how older men are putty in the hands of younger women like you! I had a recent reflection/conclusion on that myself. I think what I assumed was lust & sexual desire is really just an appreciation for younger beauty & wanting to talk & share some tenderness just through the attention & talk a younger woman gives us if we are so lucky. What do you think? Phil from & on Facebook Philip Fontana.

  1. Hi there Miharn – you’ve been sorely missed. I haven’t seen or heard a sound from you on my blog in the longest time – your sweet words of kindness, love and excitement. You are missed dearly. <3

  2. I focus my reply on your beautiful daughter. I enjoyed the music and the pictures, but have to say your daughter has the most beautiful, expressive eyes. I would show you my children, but there are five of them (all girls) and we might not finish soon. Aren’t children wonderful?

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