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  1. Good Morning to you, my friend. I would like to post a comment about the overall energy that has been left behind from all of these…television things…that happen in our midst these days.

    Life has become somewhat of “who can we find to do this better than the last guy” type of quest. Personally, their choice in Mr. Leno’s replacement, if they are trying to get a younger viewing audience, is probably the best choice, in my opinion. I have been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon for many years (I hope I spelled his name correctly). He, like Conan O’Brien, seem to have the right idea in choosing to go with musical acts that are not only of the mainstream, but also those artists who are of the “indie rock” sort. I know a whole lot of indie musicians who have already said that they will watch “Tonight” now that there is a host who they recognize and more, recalls what it was like to have to impress people who literally may have their career controlled by their own preferences, rather than what the majority prefers.

    I bid Mr. Leno farewell, and much luck.
    Equally, I cannot wait to see what Jimmy Fallon has in store for us. I much enjoyed his antics on SNL for many years.

    I really liked this!!

    1. Good Morning Roz;

      Please allow me to thank you for your wonderful comments, I enjoyed reading it over and over. I have to agree with you theory in regards Jimmy Fallon and wish him the best of the best. I share the word Good Luck to Jay Leno which his departure was very emotional and I was touched. I always look forward to hearing from you. I wish you a joyful Sunday!


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