Phoenix Birds

Phoenix Birds

Glorialana Magazine

Hello God!

Thank You for creating us with the ability to rebuild and restore ourselves in any moment we choose.

A moment ago I was ruined and smitten by the quarrel with my husband. The reason, as usual, is egocentric and egodefending approach to each other. I was asking about soulmate’s warmness and kindness when the other side was not in the relevant mood to provide what was asking. The result is predictable conflict where we are both saying different words with the aim to damage each other’s egotemple. I am an emotional woman and the last words, unfortunately, were mine. I said that it is the guilt of my husband to remodel my person from “normal” to “pathetic creation with low self esteem”. I am not right, of course. I am saying: “I am sorry”, with eyes expressing as cat’s from “Shriek”.

I am smiling now. But before I…

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