JESSE COOK & Mihran “Mino” Concert Together in Chicago

A Combination virtuoso rumba-flamenco guitar and Piano Instrumental playing with elements of musical styles from all over the world. My joint concert with Jesse Cook, on May 1 in Chicago – I have the honor to share Jesse Cook Clip!!

10 thoughts on “JESSE COOK & Mihran “Mino” Concert Together in Chicago

  1. Mihran! This is lovely! Would it be possible for me to purchase the CD? I am in Missouri, US. If so, please email me at with instructions on how to pay you, and I will send you my address. (If it is not possible, I will simply be grateful you have posted this here to enjoy. 🙂 )

      1. Mihran, you are too kind and generous! Nonetheless, I accept without hesitation. I’ve sent an email (I hope I managed to register correctly to do so) with my address. If the email does not go through, please leave me another comment or send me an email to respond to with my address. Thank you again! You are most kind.

      2. Thank you Laura – I very appreciate it – I will make sure you will have the complete CD. Have a wonderful weekend!

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