3 thoughts on “My Beloved (29/30)

  1. I am sending you the most appreciative and thankful, thank you. You are a tremendous blessing and sharing other’s blog posts are incredible as it offers readers the ability to see posts that may enrich and empower. We are all writing blogs for the purpose of informing. Thank you so much for all you do. I have also started writing my Inspirational Poetry book like I told you I would, thanks to your kind words, and I write while listening to your beautiful music. I chose SERENITY ~”Emmanuel’s Letters” as the Title. Thank you Mihran

  2. Good Morning Cathy;

    Please allow me to forward my sincerest gratitude in advance for your richest compliments and words. I’m humbled beyond belief. I like your energy and the message that you are conveying through your blog! I am touched by your journey of ” Emmanuel’s Letters”.

    I do have to ask a favor from you kindly – Could you please let kindly read your email? I wish you blessed day and let the stars shine for you;

    Kindest Regards;


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