4 thoughts on “Changelings

    1. I am out of words – This poem is for you:

      I will call you princess for that is what you are.
      A wonderful smiling being that came from another star.
      Lovely large brown eyes and a perfect little face,
      Make me feel so good to belong to the human race.
      Your Mother pushes your perambulator out into the fresh air,
      You sit and gurgle, smiling without a single care.
      A blessing you are to my old weary eyes,
      Every time I see you I get a new surprise.
      You are as pretty as a picture I once saw in a book.
      Now when I see your perambulator I always stop to look.
      You lift my spirits and I am happy to see once more,
      A sweet little lady that pleases me to the core.
      I pray that I may live a few more years on earth,
      Just to see you grow and fill my life with mirth.
      For nothing is as important to a man like me,
      To see a childish spirit that is obviously so free.
      May you grow into an adult that abounds with pleasure,
      For in my old heart you will always be my treasure.

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