Cantaloupe & Coconut Bread

Cantaloupe & Coconut Bread

therapy bread

I have never been a very big fan of cantaloupe, or melons for that matter. Watermelons are cool with me but anything much past that is just too “musky” for my liking. Try and try again, eating melon balls or cantaloupe halves just makes me cringe a bit.

So why the heck did I make cantaloupe bread?


Two reasons really:

1) I am still trying to force myself to like it…

2) This is the actual catalyst to the situation: my neighbor recently went out of town for about a week and I was charged with watching her two crazy kitties. Before she left she said, “Jess there is some spinach and a cantaloupe in the fridge, please eat them while I’m gone because I’m sure they won’t be good when I get back”. Cantaloupe. Dun, dun dun… I told her I wasn’t a big fan. She said to try…

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