Monday Motivations/Fiction In A Flash

Monday Motivations/Fiction In A Flash


I’ve written about flash fiction a few times but some of you are still a little confused as to what it is. Here’s some further detail and an example. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to enter a competition or to send me some for ‘My Weekly Writing Challenge’. There’s still time to send a diary entry for this week’s challenge.

Basically, flash fiction is very short stories. The actual definitive length of a flash fiction story is often argued over. Some stories can be as short as 50 words, whilst some editors and competition organisers include 1000 words in their definition of flash fiction.

Flash fiction can also go under the guise of other names including micro fiction, short-short stories, postcard stories or skinny fiction, to name a few.

Whatever its length and whatever its name, flash fiction has to be a complete story. Here is an example of a flash…

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