Sheri Lawrence de Grom

When a Man Loves a Woman
The Fourth House
by – Sheri de Grom

Several weeks ago, Gallivanta at http://silkandthreads.wordpress.com and I were chatting about some of the special moments I’ve shared with Tom. Those times when positive remembrances shine through. Gallivanta suggested I might weave some of those remembrances into my Fourth House series. I’m delighted she made the suggestion.

Once again I turned to my journals and I picked one dated 1994. As I read I became lost in memories and wondered how I had gotten through some of the hardest days of my career. The answer always came back to Tom loving me unconditionally and believing in me.

We’d lived in Washington DC about six months when I’d compiled sufficient evidence to dismiss with cause a federal employee with thirty-two years on the job. To make the process even more difficult, the employee had never had a…

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