Cold Hard Dead Exterior

Cold Hard Dead Exterior

Lorrie Bowden


Are you dead on the outside only…I wonder

You stand alone

No one else in sight

You don’t need anyone

At least that’s what you tell yourself

Never let your defenses down

Don’t let anyone in

Put on the cold hard dead exterior and maybe they will walk by

For who would want to touch a dead one

2014-06-29 15.41.54

Yet in your isolation the dead part is really on the inside

You are creating an illness that is robbing you of your life

Robbing you of your light

Robbing you of your soul

In your attempt to stand alone and look dead you are drawing darkness to you

Every inconceivable violation

All matters of disrespect

Every piece of your soul that is taken

They step over



For you are dead on the outside but you feel it on the inside

2014-06-29 15.42.26

I know it is scary to feel things that you haven’t…

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2 thoughts on “Cold Hard Dead Exterior

  1. Thank you my dear Mihran from my bursting heart! I have had such love return to me from this post…and I am so honored you shared it with your people. Have a truly blessed weekend ❤

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