Don’t Look At Me – Collaborative Post

Don’t Look At Me – Collaborative Post

Lorrie Bowden

I just posted my poem over at Forgotten Meadows.  Neha periodically runs a call to poets with a photo prompt.  Here goes: In the Sunshine of Summer Time.

2014-07-02 17.10.18

Don’t look at me

I’m sorry but I can’t show you that piece of me

I like to keep it hidden

Far away from the roving eyes that would devour me

Don’t look at me

I keep everything I need on the other side

So you can’t see it

I show you what I want you to see

And I keep the rest tucked over here

I keep it for me

Selfish you say?

Preservation I think

I give you the pieces I think you’ll keep safe

And the rest is mine to protect

Maybe someday…….





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