Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing


Dear Reader: This is a continuing story. If you like, you can check out these previous installments. 

Part 1: Tessa Takes a Walk in Her Party Boots
Part 2: The Man in the Fedora Hat
Part 3: Tessa is a Messa
Part 4: Joelle Meets the Guy from Last Night
Part 5: A Walk Down Memory Layne
Part 6: Hacking with James

Thanks to all of you for reading.


Tessa let her head sink into a monster-sized pillow, and stared at the mystery phone containing photos from just the previous evening. Since Joelle abandoned her, she left the task of discovery for Tessa alone to unveil. With each tap on the phone, Tessa felt dragged further into a foggy dissonance, each new face, a body double who had no name, and her role, undefined. She wanted to know these people, but she couldn’t fake it to herself.  She studied body language instead. In a photo of…

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