First Kiss

First Kiss

Carrie Mayhem

Loud debate,
Drunken laughter,
And the clang
Of raised glasses
Filled the air.
From the lit ends
Of cigarettes,
Streams of smoke
Rose in ribbons
And culminated
In a fog cloud
That hung low
Over an unkempt bar.
Through the haze
I noticed you,
Looking back at me
From atop your stool.
You acknowledged
My surprised stare
With a nod of your head
And a tip of your bottle.
The object of
My obsession
For weeks,
There you were.
The breath fled
From my lungs
When you smiled
And silently
Beckoned me over.
I forced my way
Through the dense,
Relentless crowd.
You rewarded my quest
By placing your hand
Upon my back
And pulling me close.
You sheltered me
In the arms of
Your protective
The heat of your hand
Burned into my soul,
Your mere proximity
Caused my heart
To miss a beat.
The din of
Our environs

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