Heath Bar Scones

Heath Bar Scones

therapy bread

I love toffee, I love scones so why not combine the two? These are filled with chopped heath bars which brings chocolate and toffee to a fun-filled breakfast party provided by scones!


I love to make scones because they are delicious but also because they are so easy to make! I like to use a cake ring as a form for them to make a perfect circle, then you just cut the circle with a big knife diagonally into even(ish) wedges. My cake ring made these a bit thinner than desired but still delicious! So aim for a 7-8 inch diameter when making your circle but if you use a circle and it’s a big larger, no big deal. You could also use the ring from a spring-form pan as a guide!

You mix some of the heath bar pieces right into the dough and press a few into the…

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