The voice of Palestine

The voice of Palestine

Strawberry Fields

You voraciously craved for me,
even before you met me,
you were eager to claim me.

You grabbed me by the hand,
and dragged me with you.
You started disrobing me
while I resisted.
You had more power
and there you told me
you’re entitled to possess me.
It is your right, you claimed.
After all these years
you had the right
To possess my whole body
and soul.
All of me
for yourself alone

I fought back –
I struggled and resisted.
You called me ungrateful
and ungracious
You called me violent and barbaric,
and monstrous.

You took my clothes off –
all of them.
you chained me
and started thrashing
all over my body.
I tried to resist.
I could not fight back.

I shouted
you silenced me
you blocked my voice
you took me by force
abused me
and raped me.

You imprisoned me

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