Wayag Islands, the Icon of Raja Ampat

Wayag Islands, the Icon of Raja Ampat

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Most of Raja Ampat’s advertising shows the picture of Wayag Islands. This archipelago is without doubt an excellence choice to be the icon of Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia). Wayag archipelago is a cluster of uninhabited small islands. They are stunningly scattered like a maze above the crystal blue seawater. Magnificent view! Wayag is definitely the most beautiful area that we visited during our diving holiday in Raja Ampat.

We spent two nights in Wayag, arriving in late afternoon after heavy storm and waves to reach the islands. Our liveaboard boat had problem with its generator and we did not have electricity and fresh water for half day. It was terrible, however the splendid view of Wayag islands made up for it.

We climbed to the peak of Wayag to see the archipelago up of the hill. It was not easy since the hill formed of rocks inclining almost 90…

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2 thoughts on “Wayag Islands, the Icon of Raja Ampat

  1. I am astounded at the beauty of these islands. Often one doesn’t realize that the world is not as populated a place as one thinks. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you think all the rest of the world has this many people. Thank goodness it doesn’t.

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