Ten Thousand Eyes

Ten Thousand Eyes

Darkness Warmth Poetry

I gazed among the eldritch stars
Each at depths beyond breath,
And in the darkness, plain to see,
Ten thousand eyes stare back at me,

Deconstructed revelations
Hint at discomposing truths,
Nothing new under macabre creation
When underfoot dark sutras hold,

Petrified innocences cluster together
As agitated sensitivities traverse,
You think we could still be sane
When ten thousand voices call thy name?

Bewildered beasts charge the fray,
Groping through fear filled dusk,
What flustered temptations bring
Confessions of nightmarish quorum?

They died priests of sinister praise,
Spanning chasmic horrors, dissidents
Sewn together by ten thousand lies,
And staring back, ten thousand eyes!

Poem © Phen Weston 2014

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