It’s Up to You!

It’s Up to You!

Lorrie Bowden


Riding on my rocky road

Filled with twists and turns

Not exactly sure where I’m going

But I know I’m moving


Running scared

Running silly

And then I stop – bend over – pick up a tidbit or two



Another lesson learned

I saw it first as a place I needed to get to

A destination with a welcome mat

But you know what?

I’m already here

It’s not the place you end up – it’s the steps you take

The strides you run

The times you laugh

The times you cry

It’s what you learn

And what you teach

It’s who you meet

And how you leave

How you love

And how you respond to hate

It’s here

It’s now

Not then

Or there

It’s how you care

It’s where you are and what you do in this moment

This one right now

What was then…

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