Thinking Aloud: “The Gaza Crisis: No Way Out?,” Part I

Thinking Aloud: “The Gaza Crisis: No Way Out?,” Part I

Not What You Might Think

August 9, 2014 by Darius

Earlier this week, I attended a panel at the Brookings Institution on “The Gaza Crisis: No Way Out?  Policy Options and Regional Implications,” featuring three Brookings experts on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Martin Indyk, who recently returned from serving as special US envoy to the latest round of failed negotiations; Khaled Elgindy, a founding board member of the Egyptian American Rule of Law Association and former advisor to the Palestinian leadership on negotiations with Israel; and Natan Sachs, who specializes in Israeli foreign policy, Israeli domestic politics, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.  All three panelists contributed interesting remarks. I will deal mostly with Indyk and Sachs today, because they were more similar in many ways, and share Elgindy’s comments tomorrow.

According to Indyk, US-Israel relations are at their sourest since 1982 and the Sabra and Shatila massacres.  That being said, Israel’s standing in the world is very…

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Aloud: “The Gaza Crisis: No Way Out?,” Part I

    1. Matilda – The situation is very difficult and sad for us and the Palestinians. My brother was injured on duty 10 days ago, and they say it’s a disaster!

      1. I can’t express how helpless and horrified I feel and how all of this shod be in front of our eyes every single day. I know individually each of us has the ability to be rational and care about another person, another child, the horrifying part is when we (humans) just suppress those instincts and go ahead and maim, hurt and or kill to serve our own moment of fear and hate or revenge. Heartbreaking…

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