The Battle of the Yaki

The Battle of the Yaki

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I am sure most of readers have seen the Sulawesi crested black macaque’s monkey (macaca nigra) selfie. This primate is known as Yaki in their motherland, North Sulawesi (Indonesia). Currently Yaki’s selfie picture is on its legal battle for the copyright ownership. David Slater, a nature photographer, was documenting the monkey’s life and habitat in North Sulawesi when his camera was “stolen” by Yaki. This incident brought Slater fame as the Yaki took selfie using his camera that resulting incredible quality of images. One of these selfie images now placed in Wikimedia Commons where people can use the images for free without royalty payment. A legal battle is still ongoing between Slater and Wikimedia for the copyright status of the image.

Yaki’s Battle to Survive

Meanwhile in other continent, the Yaki themselves are facing their own battle to survive from being extinct. Majority of them now living…

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