The Screeching Wheel

The Screeching Wheel

Lorrie Bowden


If you give me what I want because you couldn’t stand listening to me spurt my words about why I need it, should I be happy?

Happy that I eventually got what I wanted, but you only gave it to me to stop the noise – stop the confusion

Shut Up!  You got what you wanted!


But I feel like I need you to see and to honor the reason I needed it – am I wrong?


The squeaky wheel gets the grease – my Momma always said that – and it was funny because she was not one to let her wheels be not well oiled – her wheels very rarely squeaked – and therefore – she didn’t get what she wanted!  But that was her expectation, so one might argue she got exactly what she expected – it just might not have been what she wanted.

So I say…

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