OH! What a Beautiful Morning…

OH! What a Beautiful Morning…

Lorrie Bowden


I know my blog has been a bit of a downer lately…


I woke to the most magnificent day today

and remembered a cornfield I told my dear friend,

Natalie, from Sacred Touches,

I wanted to visit.  The link is to her

blog post that reminded me.


Oh, there she is….

The star of the show!


“The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye,

An’ it looks like it climbin’ clear up to the sky.”

(I can remember “The Momma”

singing that to me when

I was a child!)


“Oh what a beautiful morning,

Oh what a beautiful day,

I’ve got a wonderful feeling,

Everything’s going my way.”

 2014-08-14 13.26.25

Stacked neatly in rows,

just how I would like my life to be,

but alas, sometimes it is not.


Yes, sometimes you have to

navigate some weeds

to get to the fruit (or vegetable)

of your labors.


And sometimes,


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