Learning to Give~Inspirations from my Uncle

Learning to Give~Inspirations from my Uncle

Tell Me About It

HPIM1900.JPG Cooper & Potato River~photo by Gunnar Timothy

This is one of the most simplistic principles that we can practice in our daily lives.
We want to be joyful and we can be joyful, all we have to do is give joy to others.
Of course we want to be loved, but we must learn to always give our love to others first.
When we desire attention, we simply have to teach ourselves to be attentive to others.
Everyone wants to be appreciated, but yet we need to take a look at how we appreciate others.
How do we eliminate feeling isolated and lonely? We pick ourselves up, go out there, get with
our friends and relatives, and make it all about them.
 Soon you will see within these principles,
that life will start to come back to you in full circle,
as you take on your new principles…

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