All About Mihran

If I can find words to thank you Aina for this incredible and irresistible post!!

Lyrics, Sentiments and Me

All About Mihran

I have blogged for years now. And I never met a man as gentle and kind as Mihran Kalaydjian. Because aside from the fact that he had been so generous reblogging my posts, there was this one very warm conversation I had with him.

When I posted my condolences to our dear Ajaytao, I made Mihrank cry that day. Although he never met Ajay, he shed a tear for him. And he asked me “Why am I crying, Aina?” I told him, “It’s because Mihran, you’re a gentleman with a very big heart and beautiful soul.” And so we were both crying in the end.

Regardless, I mean those words up to this very minute I am writing this post. And I could go on forever enlisting all the great things I appreciate in Mihran. But I narrow it down to ten, and they’re below:


1. “I’M…

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