Monday Rambles – Are you Grajoyous?

Monday Rambles – Are you Grajoyous?

The Showcase

Hello Everyone! Yet another Monday! My apologies for my lackluster showing last week and a big Thank you to everyone who dropped by nevertheless to check in. Your visits are much appreciated!

Death is just the other side to the coin in the currency of Life and inevitable as it is, death and dying is always thought of with considerable fear and trepidation. I’ve sometimes thought about how it is that I would die..Not that I have a choice but, when the dark hooded messenger of death comes to me holding his scythe I would prefer not to have to acknowledge his presence and just die peacefully in my sleep..

It was a sad week for us in the family with the passing of an Uncle on my husbands side from internal bleeding following a fall as he went to get the morning paper. What was even more tragic was that…

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